All works are copyrighted, please contact me for any use.
Jessica 2019
She was in my class and she always played with her thick black hair
HUGS 2019
No matter how bad it hurts, hugs will help you through, one by one.
Notre Dame 2019
Based of the tragic fire of Notre Dame, I saw this girl being lid up by the flames on her phone
Damien Hirst, layers of paper - 2019
Based of the Instagram profile of Damien Hirst who shows that it is okay to have downtime when you are busy.
You are making me crazy, layers of paper 2019
Based of the tragic of my own fathers death and my ex-wifes mothers death. We drove each other crazy.
Planningtorock, layers of paper - 2018
Based of the music and visual style of Planningtorock, I made this as a birthday present for them.
Iris, layers of paper - 2018
Based on a women I used to know, who underneath her beautiful face was a terrible person.
I am dying in front of my computer, layers of paper - 2018
Based on the feeling of being overloaded. 
Broken Shoulder, layers of paper - 2018
Based on the true story of me breaking my shoulder while being under the influence.
Mother kissing child, layers of paper - 2018
Based on a ritual my childhood friend and his mother had. 
3 girls, layers of paper - 2018
Based on a look three girls gave me one day in the train.
Peace, layers of paper - 2018
Based on a the most wonderful Estonian girl who has a heart of gold.
Smoking girl, layers of paper - 2017
Based on a movie.