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Kbh Kunst Gallery, Øster Søgade 34 1357 København K

Simon Vestford

Born 1986 in Denmark.

I am a self-taught graphic designer and artist  specialising in minimalistic but complex art in paper.

I recreate my own life in paper and recreate destinies that I see when I travel.

My artworks are made of paper only, no tape, no glue, just paper being held together by the frame.


Collaboration & Commission

Looking for exclusive paper art ?

Let me create paper art for your shop, restaurant or home.

Anything is possible and I offer worldwide shipping.

Wanna collaborate?

Let´s work together with paper and make some amazing artworks that turn heads.

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or via this email:  paper @

Good Shapes

CVR-nr.: 3498 5251

Partners and collaborators